Simple, elegant, full featured, and free.

minimal Gallery is a free, open source, and standards compliant, picture gallery system written in PHP. It works without a database, which means it requires virtually no setup, and its modular architecture makes it highly customizable, both in form and function.

I wrote this little PHP script because I wanted an easy way to put my photos online and all the available solutions I tried were way too overblown for my needs and too ugly for my tastes.


  • No database setup
  • Highly customizable + templates
  • List/Thumbnail/File view
  • Style switcher
  • Slideshow
  • Randomizer
  • Displays EXIF/IPTC info
  • XHTML/CSS Standards compliant
  • More...


  • Apache 1.3.33 or newer
  • PHP 4.3.11 or newer
  • GD library (thumbnail creation)
  • FTP client
  • IPTC software (optional)